CA Training—Is Your Chiropractic Assistant an Asset or a Liability?

We often underestimate the role that a skilled chiropractic assistant (CA) plays within a chiropractic practice.

But you only have to remember your own doctors’ visits to know how important the doctor’s staff is to a patient’s overall perception of the practice.

Although a well-trained assistant can’t make up for any deficiencies you might experience with the doctor, they can certainly enhance a good experience. While a grumpy assistant may leave you with feeling frustrated and dissatisfied, an efficient, pleasant one will reinforce your decision to return.

She/he will also:

  • Add to the positive energy of your office by maintaining an upbeat attitude.
  • Manage office traffic by making sure equipment and therapies are provided in a sensible order that keeps patient wait time to a minimum.
  • Discuss and recommend any additional services you may provide, such as therapeutic massage.
  • Listen to patients’ needs to uncover hidden areas of concern which can then be communicated to you.
  • Provide successful resolution of patient problems.
  • Increase cash sales by promoting products like Biofreeze, Sombra and nutritional supplements.
  • Encourage patients to schedule their follow up appointments
  • Ensure proper collection of insurance co-payments.

Proper CA training will also minimize liability issues as your assistant will be more educated about the equipment and instructed in its proper use.picture of md-attorney referral toolkit

We know that as a chiropractor and owner of your own business, you already wear a lot of hats—so if CA coaching isn’t your thing, look for products and services that can help with the task. Today there are online CA training programs that offer coaching without the need for expensive travel or missed days.


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