Marketing with Chiropractic Postcards How to Avoid Potential Pitfalls

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of advice advocating the use of chiropractic postcards. In general, we agree – direct response marketing is a powerful tool. And postcards, because of their low mailing costs and visual impact, can be an economical and effective medium.

But only if you go about it in the right way.

Skip the wellness marketing

Yes, with postcards we really do suggest you skip the wellness marketing. It’s not our intention to step on anyone’s toes with this advice. Particularly since we agree it’s a good idea for patients to see a chiropractor periodically However, chiropractors have not had the advantage of the type of widespread public service campaigns that MDs and dentists have.

Most people if asked, would probably think it’s a good idea to get a yearly physical. And to a lesser degree, most of those same people would agree that an annual or semi-annual teeth cleaning is beneficial as well. However we suspect there would be a smaller percentage of people who believe that regular chiropractic treatments are as essential as medical and dental care. (Wouldn’t you love to see a public service campaign that did promote chiropractic treatment in the way is deserves.)

Yet even with all the medical and dental advertising, very few patients rush to the phone to schedule their annual visits- even if they receive a postcard reminder. It’s even more apparent with chiropractic care. It’s just human nature to put off attending to something that’s not a nagging concern.

So how do we overcome this obstacle?

By using the following three types of chiropractic postcards:

  • Announcement cards – use postcards to announce a new service, e.g., massage therapy, laser therapy, or spinal decompression
  • Birthday postcards -remember your patient’s special day with a cheerful pre-printed card.
  • Patient appreciation day cards – ff you haven’t hosted a patient appreciation day yet – get one on the schedule fast! You’ll be shocked by the amount of buzz you’ll generate. Plus hosting an event will give you an opportunity to send postcard invitations to everyone on your mailing list. Don’t worry about sending out too many invitations – even if your mailing list is big. It’s unlikely you’ll be overwhelmed by responses. (To save costs you might choose to omit sending chiropractic postcards to any contacts that go back more than a few years.)

The secret to success

Make sure your chiropractic postcard packs a punch. Lessen any potential obstacles that may keep your patients from scheduling an appointment by printing a special offer on your postcard. This may be a $15 or $20 dollar visit special, or it might be a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer. Whatever you decide upon, make sure it’s significant enough to be a powerful incentive.

For our last patient appreciation day we offered a “refer a friend” special that was a big hit. Each patient who referred a friend sometime during the month received a free 30 minute massage redeemable at a later date. The new patient received their initial consultation and treatment for free. As it would be challenging to see eight or ten new patients during a special event, we allowed to the new patients to schedule their free appointment anytime during the same month of the patient appreciation day. The referrer did not receive their massage certificate until the referred patient came in for their visit.

There are a few advantages to setting a limited time frame for redemption of the freebie:

  1. It will space out new patient appointments throughout the month.
  2. It’s easier to track the results of your marketing efforts.
  3. It encourages quick patient response.

We hope these chiropractic postcard marketing suggestions have sparked a few ideas of your own. We wish you fun and success with your own postcard mailings!

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