Now that the holidays are over and done, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your chiropractic business and decide what goals you’d like to acccomplish over the coming year. The New Year is a time for setting resolutions. If chiropractic marketing hasn’t made it into your New Year’s resolution list in years past, now is the time to implement a plan. Even if you don’t have the time or money to begin a full blown marketing campaign, pick at least one new idea or strategy to put into place.

Chiropractic Marketing New Year's Resolution

As the new year is also a time to watch expenses, the chiropractic marketing strategy that we’re outlining below can benefit any doctor—whether new or well established. It’s also easy on the budget and simple to learn. It has the dual benefit of helping you establish a presence on the web, while directing traffic to your chiropractic website.

I think we would all agree the internet has had a profound impact on the way we do business. But it didn’t start that way. The internet began as a way for people to exchange ideas and to communicate. A chiropractic blog stays true to both ideals, but may also serve to boost your business.

Web logs, or “blogs” as they’re now known, are a remarkably effective way to engage readers and potential patients.

In case you’re unfamilar in the concept of a blog, basically it is an online journal. A chiropractic blog may contain your opinions, information on the latest medical advances, how-to-advice, and alternative health ideas. It may feature guest posts from other experts and also contain outbound links to other websites and blogs. It works best when it is updated on a regular basis.

Many blogs allow readers to post feedback on what they’ve read. This encourages reader engagment, giving your prospective patients a chance to interact with you directly. It will also give you the followup that you need, to help you refine what interests your patients and what doesn’t.

If you absolutely hate to write, then this chiropractic marketing idea is not for you. In the spirit of full disclosure, we must tell you that maintaining a chiropractic blog takes a certain amount of time and effort. But it can also help you accomplish three important business objectives.

1. Position yourself as an expert in your profession
Blogging can be effective way to establish yourself as an authority in the chiropractic field. In our opinion, this is the greatest value of a chiropractic blog. Not only can your blog generate leads, it also your reader connect with you by giving them a face and a personality.

2. Gain exposure for a new product or idea
Some doctors’ practices are centered around a specific niche. Whether that is personal injury chiropractic, spinal decompression therapy, weight loss programs, or cold laser therapy, blogging can help you target those markets. Alternately, you might have a product you wish to sell. Your blog is a natural way to educate your readers and to heighten interest.

You’ll find this to be an effective way to “pre-sell” prospective patients on products or services. This in turn can lead to a more streamlined sales process. If a prospective patient contacts you, you know they are truly interested in what you have to offer. This will save time spent trying to convert prospects who have only marginal interest.

2. Improved search engine rankings
There are a number of ways that a blog can help your chiropractic website get better search engine rankings. Frequently updated content sends a signal to the search engines to visit your website more often. This is important, as it is one factor in gaining higher page rankings.
Secondly, if your blog is attached to your website, you will benefit from the direct traffic generated by the new articles you write. The goal is to get your readers to click on other pages of your website to learn more about you and your practice.

Another important bonus is backlinks. Whether your chiropractic blog is a part of your website, or is hosted on a free platform like or, you can link back to relevant topics within your website. This you will provide your readers with a rich experience and will also be the start of an effective SEO strategy.

According to the president of SEO Research, Brad Fallon, If your blog allows readers to post a response you will see even more benefit relative to search engines, This search engine marketing executive states, “With blogs that allow comments, every new post and every new comment becomes an additional webpage filled with additional keywords to be picked up by the search engine spiders.”

Many marketing experts believe that the amatuer journalists who host their own blogs now play a powerful role in swaying public opinion. As an alternative source of news and information, blog publishers have more freedom than traditional journalists and can freely offer their opinions and viewpoints. In this way, a chiropractic blog goes well beyond a simple chiropractic marketing tool. Doctor bloggers can have a powerful influence over the public’s perception of chiropractic.

If you agree that it’s time chiropractic receives it’s share of good press, and you’re looking for an effective and affordable chiropractic marketing strategy, consider writing a chiropractic blog. Not only will you receive all the marketing advantages outlined above, you’ll be helping to advance your reader’s opinion of the chiropractic profession.

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a New Year’s Resolution
  1. I am no doctor but I am a writer by profession. I don’t know a lot about the chiropractic business but I do know how important it is to write good quality content in websites and blogs. My message to those who don’t like writing very much is to just go ahead and try doing it. You can just talk about anything at all. Just get your natural creative juices flowing, no matter how colossal or little that is. If you really want to succeed in your chiropractic business and have turned to online marketing as the official publicity instrument, then you really need timely, relevant, and informative content. What other online marketing “resolutions” do you have?

    • Admin


      I agree wholeheartedly and encourage doctors to start writing. I believe each doctor has a unique perspective that will be of value to his or her patients. As for other online marketing resolutions, for starters we recommend that chiropractors make sure their practices are listed with Google Places and Bing’s Business Portal . We also think that Google Adwords Express may be helpful for some doctors. Check out this related article:

  2. I just like the valuable info you provide on your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check here regularly. I am certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Good luck!

    • I agree with this post, chiropractic care has a lot of aatdnvages that people can benefit from. is a proactive, non-invasive approach to enhance health and well-being by fine tuning the body so it works at its absolute peak. It is also a proven safe, gentle and effective approach not only for the relief of pain and discomfort but also enjoyed by millions of people every year to maximize health and well-being. Thanks for sharing valuable information about back pain treatment.

  3. West Palm Beach Physical Therapy April 6, 2012 at 3:20 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  4. I for one have used online marketing to get more business for years now. It really does work if you do it right. Google adwords is a great tool, but you need to test and test some more to find the right ad that gets you a great click through rate and as a result a lower price per click. I measured my ROI for a whole year on Adwords and it was over 500%.

    • Kerrin Kuntzman

      That is a fantastic ROI! Obviously your click through rate must be high and your ad a good one. You are right, doctor, the key is to test…

      • I am looking for a fantastic chiropractic/health marketing campaign. I need some ideas to make a commercial or a way to attract new patients for a chiropractic office. I have tried newsletters, flyers, business cards, yellow pages, internet yellow pages and magazines, all of which are typical and dull. I Looking to step out of the box with new chiropractic marketing techniques. Anyone have any fantastic ideas?

  5. I think with the tough competition in business, especially chiropractic, it does need right marketing for one’s business. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have written all the articles on my chiropractic website and have enjoyed doing it, but I have often wondered am I providing information that would create enough interest to drive patients to my office?

    • Kerrin Kuntzman

      Bravo on writing your own chiropractic articles! As your patients’ doctor, you’re in an excellent position to hone in on their most pressing concerns and problems. Your website content will attract attention and visitors if you focus on ways to solve those problems. If you aren’t already tracking your articles and posts, you can install analytics programs to get a better idea of which posts are most popular.

  7. Thanks, I am also asking my patients what interest they have.

  8. Admin

    Yep, sometimes the most basic methods are the best.

  9. Its true that you really do need to balance everything to make your patients feel satisfied with your services.

  10. I agree with your analysis. Blogging is the best way to start our business.

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