4 Chiropractic Marketing Tips to Help You Unlock the Power of Internet Marketing

Many Chiropractors tend to think of internet marketing as a way for spammers to offer sales pitches for “get-rich-quick” schemes. Afraid to fall into the same category as the hucksters whose web sales pages are filled with yellow highlighted text and flashing “buy now” buttons, most chiropractors shy away from the internet.

They limit their online presence to their website and an occasional blog post or two.

If you fall into this category, no one would blame you. After all, who wants to look like an online used car salesman? But not all online marketing is overblown hype. In fact, internet marketing can help you market your offline Chiropractic Practice. It can encompass a broad range of services, including Pay-per-Click advertising, Google Places, Bing Business Portal, and more…

In the article, we will offer you 4 chiropractic marketing tips to get you stated to more effective internet marketing.

  • Relationships – It all begins by building relationships with your readers. When you communicate with existing and prospective customers online, you must focus on their wants, needs and desires — not your own. Hone in on what they’re looking for, what information they need, what types of products will serve them best. By doing this, in return, you will get what you need as well.
  • Your Unique Selling Propostion (USP) – Salesmen and copywriters are very familiar with this term, but this phrase holds equals importance for your chiropractic practice. When you identify with what makes you and your business unique, you can fine tune this message and apply it to your marketing.

    Every chiropractor has a different approach and focus. Some doctors emphasis wellness and nutrition, others therapuetic rehab. We know of one chiropractor who focuses primarily on spinal decompression and cold laser therapy with a little chiropractic thrown into the mix.

    Now think about your area of focus. If you don’t have an specific focus, think about the high level of customer service you provide. You might choose to offer emergency chiropractic services, or open for half a day on Saturdays. Whatever you determine to be your USP, be sure to promote it within your online marketing.

  • Online Content – This is what makes the whole process work. Your website content, and consequently what you post on Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, must be based upon quality content. Your content should offer something of value to your readers. It is also best if the information is presented in a very down-to-earth readable style. I don’t know of many patients who want to pore through the pages of a chiropractic journal.

    If writing is not your skill, and you need help crafting your content, ask for help from writer friends. If you have a patient who is a writer, they may be willing to barter services. (One bit of advice regarding barter, start slow and don’t make long term committments. This way you have an out if your aren’t satisfied with the quality of work. ) Alternately you can hire professional copywriters who are skilled in web content strategy.

  • However you choose to approach this task, be consistent in your efforts.

    Offer a great value – Whether you are marketing a product or a service, your patients must see that it is an extraordinary value. Always over deliver on your offer. This doesn’t mean you have to offer cut rate prices (in fact, businesses that compete on price alone, will often fail), it just means that you must understand your client’s needs, then target them with high quality content to show exactly how valuable your service or product is. No outrageous hype needed.

    Follow these 4 simple chiropractic marketing tips to get started with your own internet marketing. By following these guidelines, you’ll enhance your professional reputation and easily attract new chiropractic patients via the internet.

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