How to Make Money with a Successful Orthotics Program

Over 43 million people suffer from foot pain. In your own chiropractic practice, you’ve probably seen how foot pain affects more than your patients’ feet. Over-pronation can cause internal rotation of the leg and forward pelvic tilt, resulting in lower back and knee pain.

However, when a patient is properly fitted with high quality orthotics, many of the problems caused by over pronation can be managed. Consequently, most chiropractors agree that orthotics can be a good fit for patients with:

  • Diabetes
  • High arches
  • Flat feet
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Arthritis

Obviously, there is both a need and a market for orthotics, so let’s move on to the next question. What the most effective way for chiropractors to sell shoe inserts to their patients while making a reasonable amount of profit?

Although the answer seems straightforward, order orthotics in the patients shoes size, there are factors that complicate the issue.

  • Your patient may have excessively high expectations. Although inserts support the feet, they will not change or permanently correct a foot problem. If the orthotic is not used, the pain may return. Clearly communicate what an orthotic will and won’t do, to create reasonable expectations.
  • It can be difficult to properly fit the patient with the right product. Many orthotics tend to be hard, rigid and bulky, making the inserts uncomfortable for patients to wear within their regular shoes.
  • Poor-fitting orthotics can result in a high level of returns, thereby diminishing profitability.

If you want to add an orthotics program to your chiropractic practice, carefully research suppliers before deciding on a product. You’ll find that the range of products varies greatly from company to company.

Some orthotics companies simply provide mail order inserts that are designed to fit the majority of people. Other companies provide a custom fitted orthotic that may require the use a sensor mat to obtain detailed foot measurements. A few manufacturers build the custom support into the shoe itself.

Here’s a listing of a few well-recognized orthotics manufacturers that may help you get started:


Edser Labs

Fastech Labs

FootForm Laboratories

Foot Levelers Inc.

Moszkito Inc.

Sure Foundation Systems

Symmetry Orthotics International

Once you’ve found a product that interests you, thoroughly review the company’s the return policies, determine what upfront investment is required, as well as the kind of support that is offered to help you get started.

At the onset, your orthotics program may require a bit of fine tuning, but once established it will provide a valuable service for your patients and a way for you to add extra profit to your chiropractic business.


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