Home Therapy Equipment Delivers Between-Visit Pain Relief to Your Patients

TENS Units and other types of home therapy equipment can fill the gap for your patients between visits, and provide pain relief while the patient is at home or work. For some patients, these small portable units can reduce or eliminate the need for OTC pain medications.

Home therapy equipment isn’t limited to TENS units. It can also include therapeutic devices like lumbar and cervical posture pumps and back braces.

Not only can these devices help your patients, they can be a boon to your chiropractic business. Many insurance companies will pay for durable medical goods when medically warranted.

If you are in network with a given insurance carrier you can bill for these services directly. For those insurance carriers with whom you are out of network, there are a number of companies that provide durable medical goods by direct shipment. (Medicare restricts such an arrangement.) You can find many of these companies listed on the internet.

If you decide to work with a company that supplies durable medical goods directly to the patient, here are a couple of pointers:

  • Verify the quality of the equipment that is being used. In some cases, such companies are providing inexpensive analog TENS units. Often, you could buy a similar unit for $30.00 or less, but when the unit is supplied by one of these firms, your patient will be billed at the highest allowable rate. As it’s ultimately your reputation on the line, be sure you are satisfied with the equipment offered.
  • Be clear about company policies. Does the company require verification of coverage before a unit is supplied? Are patients required to pay any balance that might remain after their insurance pays? (If so, look for a firm with a more flexible policy.)
  • Does the company offer a full line of products? You’ll expand your options if you are able to offer posture pumps and back braces along with TENS Units.

Affordable cash options for patients

Lastly, you may want to consider investing in a handful of inexpensive TENS units to have on-hand for those patients without insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover durable medical goods. Frequently patients are more than willing to pay out of pocket for an affordable device.

Take some time to research durable medical good options and we believe you’ll find that offering Home Therapy Equipment makes sense for your chiropractic practice and your patients.

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