Expand Your Chiropractic Practice and Increase Patience Compliance with Massage Therapy

When you’re ready to expand your chiropractic practice and add new services – therapeutic massage is one therapy that’s worth serious consideration. Chiropractic and massage therapy can work together in a synergistic way, enhancing your patient’s experience and helping them to feel better faster.

Adding massage therapy can be a relatively simple process – if you have the extra room.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 10” x 10” room – Obviously the room doesn’t need to meet these exact specifications, but you’ll want the room to be large enough so the patient and massage therapist don’t feel hemmed in.
  • Massage therapy table – Tables can be purchased new through massage therapy supply companies, and sometime inexpensively through warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. You can also find used massage tables through Craig’s list, and eBay.
  • A gallon of massage lotion and smaller pumps – Lotion can be conveniently purchased through online massage therapy supply companies. You may want to check with your massage therapist for recommendations on their product preference.
  • Single sheet sets – You’ll want to have at least 15 sets on hand. This will leave an adequate supply of linens available while soiled laundry is being cleaned. As you business expands, you’ll be able to purchase more. To save money, check for sales at retail stores and linen outlets. Sheet sets purchased through massage therapy supply store will usually be more expensive.
  • A heated massage therapy pad – This is a nice option that will keep your patients warm in chilly weather. Available through massage supply stores.
  • A cushioned pad for the head rest – Sheepskin style pads add comfort and cushioning for your patient’s head. Available through massage supply stores.
  • Assorted hand towels for your therapist – Again, these can be picked up locally at retail stores or discount outlets.

Hiring a massage therapist

We’ve had good success hiring our massage therapists by posting employment ads through Craig’s List. The cost is inexpensive. ($25.00 at the time of this writing), and you generally receive a reasonable response. For our last posting we received approximately 10 applicants.

You can bring a new massage therapist on either as your employee or as a contract hire. There are advantages to both situations. Do research if you’re considering keeping your massage therapist as contract labor. To do so, there are very specific requirements you must meet with the IRS.

Look for a massage therapist that has experience with deep tissue massage. As lovely and relaxing as Swedish massage may be, it will not provide as much benefit as deep tissue for patients with difficult neuromuscular issues.

Generally, you should be able to find an qualified massage therapist for anywhere between $20-$30.00 per hour. A massage therapist with less experience will be cheaper to hire, but may require more cultivation. Plan on hiring your therapist part time as deep tissue massage is strenous and most massage therapists won’t be able to handle more than 25 hours a week.

Increased patient compliance

One of the best side benefits to adding massage therapy to your chiropractic practice will be an increased level of patient compliance. We’ve found patients whose insurances pay for a 30 minute massage, schedule more appointments and have less cancellations. So if you’ve got the extra room and you’ve been looking for a way to bring in more income, consider massage therapy. It might be the perfect way to expand your chiropractic practice.

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