Chiropractic Laser Therapy | High Tech Therapy for Higher Patient Satisfaction

Chiropractic Laser therapy can be a great valued-added service for almost any chiropractic practice. Not only will this drug-free therapy add cash to your bottom line but, it will also complement the effects of your chiropractic treatment.

If applied correctly, it will help treat many of the conditions your patients exhibit. It can:

  • offer quick relief from inflammation
  • Reduce pain fast
  • Accelerate healing

If you’re still uninitiated to this type of therapy, you may have a few questions about its potential for treatment and the costs of administration like:

  • Is cold laser therapy less effective than hot laser therapy?
  • What are the costs, the risks and the benefits of each type?
  • How quickly after treatment will my patient’s pain symptoms resolve?
  • Which type of therapy is right for my practice?

Each type of chiropractic laser therapy has its own set of pros and cons but either can be a great addition to your clinic’s treatment regimen. When deciding which type is right for your practice, keep the following considerations in mind.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a popular treatment option that is available in many chiropractic clinics because of its lower equipment cost and lower risk to specific sets of patients. It is administered by “low-level lasers” which do not heat the skin or have the potential to damage tissue. Its disadvantage in comparison to hot laser therapy is that it takes a series of treatments to relieve pain—a patient will usually not experience relief until some time after the eighth treatment administered—and sometimes not until the thirtieth.

Expect to pay anywhere from $1500.00 to $6000.00 for a new unit depending upon features. Used equipment is also available through various medical equipment suppliers.

Hot Laser Therapy

Hot laser therapy has two distinct advantages over cold laser therapy; hot lasers generally work faster than low-level lasers and they increase the depth of healing. There are some risks that come with stronger laser intensity though, and treatment with hot lasers is not recommended for pregnant women or children because of an effect it may have on growth plates.

Expect to pay much more for this type of equipment. The cost of new units begin at $20,000 and increase from there. You will find substantial savings on used units

In Dr. Mixon’s practice, we use hot laser therapy. In spite of the high price tag, we like the fast results it delivers. Also, with a hot laser, our treatment time is reduced by more than half. And the fact that the patient can feel the warmth of the therapy adds to their patient’s positive perception of the treatment. To offset the risk of staff misuse, we spend extra attention on training, to make sure treatment protocals are understood.

Chiropractic laser therapy of either type, however, is a treatment option a clinic would do well to offer their patients. Not only are clients impressed by the science behind the technology, but also by how well it provides pain relief and accelerates healing. As a practioner, the addition of laser therapy will add another level to your chiropractic marketing and enable you to promote your services to an even larger patient base.

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