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How a Text Appointment Reminder System Lowered Our Patient No-Shows by 50%

At the beginning of the year I make a  business strategy for the coming year. I review leases and equipment expenses, insurance payments, as well as office and staff productivity. It’s tedious stuff, but it’s got to be done. Like most chiropractors, we experience a small dip in appointments in the first quarter. This isn’t..

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Advice for Dealing with Difficult Patients

On September 10th, 2012, posted in: Practice Management by 0 Comment

If you’ve been in practice for more than a few days, you’ve probably come in to contact with at least one patient that is, for lack of a better term, a pain in the rear. You know the type I’m talking about and can probably picture that patient in your mind as you’re reading this...

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Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Your Chiropractic Website Content

On March 15th, 2012, posted in: Chiropractic Websites by 4 Comments

Like it or not, gone are the days when a quarter page Yellow Page ad kept your phone ringing off the hook and new patients walking through the door. Today new chiropractic patients are more influenced by a first page Google listing than old style phone book ads. In many ways, this is great news..

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How Bad Chiropractic Products Can Jeopardize Your Reputation

On January 10th, 2012, posted in: Chiropractic Products by 5 Comments

This weekend, I had an opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by Heel, the well-recognized homeopathy manufacturer. The seminar, which focused on natural ways to treat viral infections, made quite an impression on me. I was surprised to discover the depth and breadth of the powerful natural homeopathic medicines at my disposal. It also made..

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