Are Patient No Shows Costing You Thousands of Dollars and Draining Your Office Resources?

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We all know patient no shows are a big problem. In this country, the average rate of missed appointments is a whopping 30%. These missed appointments result in scheduling gaps, lost revenue and staffing issues.

So how do you solve the problem? Do you write down the appointment, hand your patient an appointment card, cross your fingers and hope your patient doesn’t misplace their appointment reminder? Or do you pull your staff from important patient care and ask them to make reminder calls? Or maybe you rely on the method we used for years—estimate your average number of no shows, then overbook your schedule like mad, while praying that not everyone shows up!

As you can see, each method has its flaws.

Admittedly, your missed appointment rate may not be as high as the national average. For most chiropractors, no shows range from 10 to 20%. Even so, this can add up to a staggering amount of lost revenue.

Let’s look at an example. Dr. Tom sees 30 patients per day at his busy chiropractic practice. His clinic’s missed appointment rate is 15%. That means that on most days he’s likely to have at least 4 no shows. Based on 22 workdays a month and an average cash rate of $60.00 per visit, those no shows will deplete office revenue by $240.00 per day or $5280.00 per month! This number is even more alarming when you consider that just 4 no shows per day can cost his chiropractic practice over $63,360 a year!

And, of course, this number is even HIGHER when you factor in lost visits for patients with commercial insurance.

Mobile technology offers a solution

With the increasing prevalence of smart phones, most people are never far from a mobile device. Some studies actually suggest that we’re addicted to our mobile phones. The Pew research center states that more than 1/3 of U. S. adults (35%) own a smartphone—and two-thirds of them sleep with their phone right next to their beds.

This dependence upon technology offers us an unprecedented opportunity. By tapping into SMS technology we can use text messages to deliver timely patient appointment reminders. iPhone message

Extensive studies have proven that although all reminder systems improve attendance rates, most patients prefer SMS (text) reminders over phone calls. Equally important, text reminders are also the most cost effective.

This is where the Chiro Appointment Reminder System comes in. Our easy to implement web based text reminder system is perfectly suited for small to mid-sized practices because of its affordability and ease of use. With our automated reminders you can easily reduce your no shows by 50%.

Show me the money!

What does this mean? Well, using the example of Dr. Tom and his mid-sized practice, a 50% reduction in no shows translates to a monumental $31,680 of added revenue each year.

What could you do with an extra $31,680? Plan a dream vacation? Buy a new car? Create a hefty college fund for your children?

Chiro Appointment Reminder SystemOur Chiro Appointment reminder system can help you do just that. Our program uses the latest technology, but is streamlined to include only the features you need. This eliminates hours of staff training and simplifies use. It also keeps the Chiro Appointment Reminder system so affordable that even the smallest practices can take advantage of this advanced technology.

If you’re like most Docs, you have no time to waste learning useless tasks. Because the program is designed to meet the fast past environment of a chiropractic office, you can learn to use the system in 10 minutes or less. It will take your staff just minutes per day to input your patient’s information and schedule the reminders. We’ll even provide a one page quick start guide that you can pass along to your staff. That’s all the training they’ll need!

Convenience and portability

Forget to set your reminders while at the office? No problem. Since the Chiro Appointment Reminder system is a web based application you can access it at home or while on the go.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive by using the Chiropractic Appointment Reminder System:

  • Higher patient satisfaction rates – Studies have proven that as many as 90% of people prefer to receive text appointment reminders over phone calls. Your happy patients will thank you for this convenient service.
  • Lower marketing costs –  We all know it’s expensive to get new chiropractic patients. Now you’ll dramatically reduce your chiropractic marketing budget by retaining more of your existing patients.
  • More efficient use of staff – Our automated system will help you slash the amount of time  spent on patient reminders.
  • Fewer missed appointments! – Our office has seen over a 50% reduction in no-shows since implementing this software. These results are easily duplicatable.

You could spend more, but why would you want to?

Most appointment reminder systems are costly. Some charge thousands for software that you must buy and install on your own computer. Others charge hundreds of dollars per month, adding extra fees for more than one practitioner—and many won’t reveal the price of their high dollar programs until you schedule a consultation.

No contract required

With the Chiro Appointment Reminder system, you’ll pay a low monthly fee based upon the amount of appointment reminders you expect to send. Your plan can be adjusted up or down to increase or decrease your message volume if needed— and there is absolutely no long term commitment or contract.

See the Chiro Appointment Reminder System in action

Take a look at this short two minute video to see how easy the reminder system is to use.

How many messages do I need?

Our system offers a range of affordable messaging packages. To help you determine the amount of messages you need, we’ve offered a basic guide.

  • If you average 11 or less scheduled appointments per day choose the Basic Plan
  • If you average 12 to 20 appointments per day choose the Advanced Plan
  • If you average 20 to 45 appointment per day choose the Premium Plan
  • If you average 45 to 90 patients per day choose the Ultimate Plan
  • If you’re a very high volume practice and would like us to customize a package for you, contact us directly.

(If you want to determine your specific requirements, calculate the average number of patients you see per day and multiply that number x 22.)

Basic Plan
  • 250 text messages per month
  • Additional messages at .08 each
  • No contract required
  • $39.95 set up charge
  • $14.95 per month


Advanced Plan
  • 500 text messages per month
  • additional messages at .07 each
  • No contract required
  • $39.95 set up charge
  • $24.95 per month


Premium Plan
  • 1000 text messages per month
  • additional messages at .07 each
  • No contract required
  • $24.95 set up charge
  • $39.95 per month


Ultimate Plan
  • 2000 text messages per month
  • Additional messages at .06 each
  • No contract required
  • $74.95 per month



It’s easy to customize your reminder messages

With the Chiro Appointment System, you have the flexibility to personalize your reminders. For a truly personal touch you may wish to add your patients’ first names to each appointment reminder.

Improved patient compliance

There’s one more important benefit of the Chiro Appointment Reminder System that we’ve failed to mention. This simple system also improves patient compliance. Because more of your patients will show up for their schedule appointments, they’ll also be receiving the level of care they truly need. That mean more success stories and more referrals!

No risk guarantee

If you’re tired of patient no shows and are ready to boost your revenue and office productivity, why not get started today?  Like all our products, the Chiro Appointment Reminder System is 100% guaranteed. We think you’ll agree this program isindispensable chiropractic marketing tool! But if for any reason you’re not totally thrilled with the way our system helps you reduce missed appointments while increasing patient retention, contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your first month’s payment!

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