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A few years ago, we decided to build a comprehensive website for chiropractors where doctors could find answers to their questions about chiropractic marketing and engage in discussions about what works and what doesn’t. We’ve done out best to offer overviews of effective techniques that are easy to implement and maintain. While most of our information is free, we also offer affordable chiropractic marketing products. We’ve successfully used all the techniques offered in our programs to help chiropractors grow thriving, prosperous practices.

Meet the editors

James Mixon is a chiropractor in active practice in the Dallas, TX area. He has used many of the marketing techniques described in this online marketing guide to build a successful, recession-proof chiropractic practice. In addition to owning a busy chiropractic business, he is a husband and father of three and a real estate investor.

Kerrin Kuntzman is an online copywriter who specializes in search engine optimized copywriting and chiropractic marketing techniques. She is an ardent supporter of chiropractic medicine and alternative health. For over seven years she has worked with chiropractors to help them grow their businesses

Together, James and Kerrin have founded Frontrunners Health Solutions, a company devoted to developing chiropractic marketing solutions for busy chiropractors. They will soon release their newest product, Chiropractic Marketing Bootcamp—a comprehensive training program for Chiropractors who want to make six figure incomes while enjoying more leisure time.

If you have questions about this Chiropractic Marketing Guide or would like more information about our chiropractic marketing products, you can reach us at (877) 697-8615 or via the form below.

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