The internet has given smart chiropractors hundreds of new ways to promote their chiropractic businesses. Most of these ways are free, easy and can be done in small manageable chunks of time.

Here are 6 online chiropractic marketing strategies we suggest you implement. They’ll help you attract new patients and establish a professional web presence.

1. Publish an chiropractic newsletter

Do you regularly keep in touch with patients with a chiropractic newsletter? If not, consider adding this useful strategy to your arsenal of chiropractic marketing tools.

An entertaining e-newsletter will offer your subscribers useful tips and information and give you a chance to promote new products and services.

Over time you’ll further your credibility and solidify your relationships with readers . Your subscribers will come to see you as a trusted authority, making it easier to convert prospects into patients.

Add a newsletter signup to your website to quickly expand your list of potential patients.

2. Publish patient testimonials

Post patient testimonials on your website to increase conversions. A patient testimonial will serve a couple of purposes. Testimonials will make your website more personalized — this can be particularly important if you subscribe to a chiropractic website service, where many doctors websites share a similar look.

Testimonials will also demonstrate the effectiveness of your treatments . Remember that testimonials don’t need to be perfectly worded or polished. To the contrary, they may be more believable if they are added exactly as written by your patients.

3. Write authoritative chiropractic articles.

Have you ever thought about writing a chiropractic article to be published in an article directory? It is easier to do than you might think — and it can offer a couple of attractive benefits. Articles submitted to these sites will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. If your article offers unique and valuable information, your article may be used and published on other websites. This can offer valuable exposure, along with an author attribution and a link back to your website.

If done properly, this chiropractic marketing strategy can help drive website traffic to your site.

4.Take advantage of free directory listings

Use the recent explosion of online business directories to your advantage. When you add your chiropractic practice information to a directory, not only do you gain valuable exposure, but you’ll also get a backlink for your chiropractic website. (Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization — a way to make your website more visible to the search engines.)

Start by doing a quick internet search for business directories. Select those directories that offer free listings. At least initially, resist the temptation to upgrade to a paid or featured listing. Be sure your chosen directory let’s you add a link to your website’s URL.

This task is time consuming but easily can be delegated to your staff. With each directory addition, you’ll be expanding your online presence.

5. Add a special offer to your website

We know that many doctors resist this idea. And although this chiropractic marketing strategy may not work for all chiropractic business models, for many doctors an introductory offer can be a great draw.

6. Keep your website content fresh

One great way to keep your website current is to add a chiropractic blog. Not only will a chiropractic blog keep visitors engaged, it will also encourage the search engines to visit you site more often. (This may in turn, enhance your search engine rankings.)

If you’re not a writer or simply don’t have time to create blog posts, take a look at freelance sites like There you can hire a quality writer to ghostwrite a blog post for you. In many cases the cost will be less than $75.00 per article.

One word of advice, shop carefully and be sure to review your prospective writer’s portfolio. You’ll find writers of varying abilities and from a wide range of countries. You want to be sure your writer creates engaging articles that read like they were written by someone from the United States.

Now go take advantage of these online opportunities — you’ll see how many great ways the internet offers to promote your chiropractic practice.


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